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The Egyptian Mau Club requires breeders advertising their kittens on this website to have signed a Breeders Declaration Form that can be found here. (Breeders declaration form). We require our breeders to abide by the General Code of Ethics for Breeders and Owners recommended by the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. The Governing Council website ( has further information at

When approaching breeders for purposes of mating or kitten purchase, you are advised to also check the register of suspended breeders on the GCCF website - using a suspended breeder will hinder GCCF registration of kittens. The Egyptian Mau Club does not knowingly allow Breeders and Stud owners who are on the GCCF suspension list to be listed on this site but cannot accept responsibility if this occurs.

Further information on kitten ownership may be obtained from International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) at

If you would like to advertise on this page, please complete the Breeders Declaration Form (download here) and submit together with the Website Listing Application Form (download here) to the Club Treasurer, you can pay the listing fee with your credit/debit card or Paypal below.

You can find the Club Treasurer or contact one of our committee members here

Current List of Egyptian Mau Kittens for sale

No kittens available at the moment

You can list your kittens here for free, if you have a breeders listing subscription. If you don't you can purchase one below.

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