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The Egyptian Mau Club - Meet the Committee Members

The Egyptian Mau Club commitee members are voted on by the members to represent the club. The commitee are willing to help in any aspect regarding the Egyptian Mau.

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Current Committee Members

Sandra Woodley - Chairwoman

Prefix : Honpuss

Photo of Sandra Woodley Chairwoman of Egyptian Mau Club
Tel. 01189 733 348

Mob. 07764 359 683

Jo Higgins - Membership Secretary and welfare secretary

Prefix : Starrsailor

Photo of Jo Higgins Membership Secretary and welfare secretary of Egyptian Mau Club

We had a house Rabbit Called Big Bunny who died on October the 4th 2003. We never thought we would stop crying as we loved him that much. My Husband was not a big fan of Big Bunny on account that Big Bunny did not like him and kept spraying him. He said we could not have another house rabbit, but could have a cat. Previous to Big Bunny we had 4 Persian Cats who died of old age. At first we were going to get a Siamese who i was going to call Ming the Merciless but we saw an advert for Egyptian Mau's in Huddersfield and went to visit. We were immediately charmed and a little chap called Sohbek climbed on to my Daughters lap. It transpired that Sohbek was born on the same day around the time Big Bunny died [2am] We knew it was just meant to be. Unfortunately Sohbeks breeder Ed wanted to keep Sohbek for his breeding programme so we hung on and took one of his Daughters from his first litter Sobekoteo Mwsheri [Muse] In time Sohbek Joined us and Ed and i held a cat in partnership [Kyrie] Ed introduced us to showing and we showed in the years where we were waiting for recognition status. We were very dedicated and went out every 2 weeks religiously. I am pleased to say that Muse won the first Champion ticket when recognition was achieved. We now have 7 Maus 2 boys and 5 girls of which 2 are neuters. When Mr Higgins moans i always say well if you had just let us have that 1 house Rabbit. We are dedicated to the welfare of the breed and proud to be part of the Egyptian Mau Club

Tel. 01924 466 274

Mob. 07985 584 310

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Brian Gregory - Treasurer

Photo of Brian Gregory Treasurer of Egyptian Mau Club

Janet Williams - Honorable Secretary

Photo of Janet Williams Honorable secretary of Egyptian Mau Club

I was first introduced to this lovely breed at the Supreme show in 2006 when I was showing my brown tortie Burmese.  I was breath taken by the beauty of the Mau's, and I knew I had to own a Mau for myself! I obtained my first Mau in 2007, a silver girl, from Kay Jater, a breeder based in Bristol. Earlier this year, with great excitement, I travelled further afield and imported a bronze kitten from France. I am now the proud owner of two lovely Mau's, both neuter girls.

Since 2011, my involvement with the Cat Fancy has steadily grown and I have worked my way through the GCCF stewarding scheme. In 2014 I was accepted on to the stewarding section of the Mau Judge Appointment scheme. I am now a pupil judge for the Mau breed and (fingers crossed) hope to qualify as a full judge of the breed in 2017.

Sue Amor - Committee Member

Prefix : Amorcatz

Photo of Sue Amor Committee Member of Egyptian Mau Club

Lauren Kennedy Roberts - Committee Member

Prefix : Starrsailor

Photo of Lauren Kennedy Roberts - Committee Member of Egyptian Mau Club

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Emma Britten - Committee Member

Prefix : Monkeymau

My love for animals started at a young age. My parents were heavily involved in animal charity work and our family home was always brimming with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. It wasn’t long after moving into my own home that I got two little tabby kittens. Tragically, one died aged around 2. That was it for a few years. Then I saw on TV what I now know to be an Egyptian Mau, the cat was absolutely stunning! I was intrigued to learn more so I read up on their characteristics – social, affectionate, playful and athletic. I knew this was the breed I wanted and would fit in perfectly to my life. I resisted getting the Mau for a number of years as I was unsure how he would interact with my tabby but I needn’t have worried – they got on just fine. That was a few years ago and my tabby has since passed but I’m left with a lovely little Mau family; yes I got more! They have all of the characteristics as above and more; so much so they are like little monkeys… hence why I had to have the prefix MonkeyMau

Mob. 07920 157341

Stephen L McConnel - Committee Member

Photo of Stephen L McConnel - Committee Member of Egyptian Mau Club

Tel. 01214769587

Mob. 07446865154

Anne Gregory - In Memory

Photo of Anne Gregory - In Memory